Find our price list below.

The team at Mooi Coiffeuse is Andret, Maria and Nuraan.

Blow dry
Very long, thick hairR 250
LongR 220
ShortR 190
Any length with extensionsR 350
CurlsR 250
Ladies cut & blow dryR 420
Ladies cut & no blow dryR 350
Full headR 740
Half headR 580
T-sectionR 500
10ml tonerR 170
15ml tonerR 200
20ml tonerR 250
& permanent
20mlR 380
30mlR 440
40mlR 470
45mlR 490
55mlR 580
60mlR 600
70mlR 690
80mlR 750
90mlR 820
100mlR 900
Fashion colour with T-section highlights (max 40ml tint used & half a scoop of platifizz or 10ml colour)R 730
Fashion colour with half head highlights (max 40ml tint used & half a scoop of platifizz or 10ml colour)R 760
Fashion colour with full head highlights (max 40ml tint used & 3/4 scoop of platifizz or 15ml colour)R 890
R 590
Ombre with tint & endfrom
R 750
OlaPlex: first & second in salon treatmentR 300
OlaPlex: between 11 & 14 at home treatmentsR 405
L’Oreal powerdoseR 240

Hair & Make-up for weddings

We specialize in making you look your best for your wedding day. But we don’t do hair & make-up for weddings or functions. You can however rely on:

Ilke Zimmermann (0846777211) for hairstyling;

Karen Koen (0824139372) for eyelash extensions; and

Algria Ferreira (0835000554) for make-up.

They are highly experienced and professional.

Ja, sowaar, dis vandag ons verjaarsdag! Thank you for joining us on our journey. It's been a pleasure to meet all of you over the years. ...

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Celebrating Mooi's 10th birthday! And a year in our new home. Thank you to all our lovely clients and friends for your continuous support in making this small business a success. Baie lief vir julle almal! ...

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We've had a cancellation for tomorrow. Any takers? ...

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